Contract Brewing

Thinking of contract brewing?

Our batch brewery is the perfect size to trial commercial brewing. We have limited space in our own brewing schedule to turn home brewers into award-winning microbrewers without the capital outlay. Not only will we build the beer you want, we’ll ensure it’s stable and packaged to retain full flavour suitable for both domestic or export markets. Either design your own brew or we’ll build one to your taste in a  2300 litre batch.

Our team will:

  • Provide our award winning brew team
  • Create a recipe or adapt your recipe
  • Select and source ingredients
  • Brew to order
  • Bottle and label (if required)

You need to provide:

  • The inspiration
  • Some perspiration (if you choose)
  • The name (and label if required)
  • Sales and distribution of your brew

Complete a Contract Brew Inquiry Form  and return to us for a quote.

Corporate Gifting and Promotions

If you want to attach your own quality brand to a quality beer for a special event selected brews are available in clean-skin and white label 330ml bottles.  For pricing, CONTACT US.