OccasioNALLY Craft Beers

OccasionNALLY Craft Beers are one-offs – sometimes made as a festival beer, or sometimes it’s just our brewers brainstorming ideas with themselves.

We’ve got a commitment to our standard range to ensure its always available and  there’s an annual rhythm to our SeasoNALLLY range, so if you miss out one year, there’s always the next.

However, with the OccasioNALLY’s we never quite know when they’re going to pop up, or even if they’ll be back again.

(If you really, really, really like something you need to sing out – loudly).

Sometimes they’ll return as the same style but a different brew  – like Sister Gina  (named for one of our brewers Gina Kearney) – which is always an Abbey style beer but never to the same recipe.

Other times they might be  flash of hops in a sea of beers. Sometimes, when you say so, and if you love them enough, we’ll add them to a regular line-up.

Occasionally brews are keg only beers –  available on tap only at our Cellar Door or – sometimes – at an excellent craft beer bar (again, you may need to sing out loudly).

Wherever they pop up, however, take a moment to savour –  you may never taste the like again.

B.man NZ IPA

Our Hop Goblet Overfloweth

A uniquely NZ version of an IPA that delivers.

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Dim Wit

Baltic Porter

Rich notes of banana and toffee with dusty chocolate make this a delight.

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The Parson's Nose

A Parsnip Saison

Our entry into GABS 2018, a uniquely Southland number.

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Cherry Oak Spike

Sour Fruit Beer

Barrel aged with flavours to savour.

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Half Wit

Wheat Beer

Orange & Coriander flavoured Belgium Wit

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Old Particular

Southern Malt Collective

An Old English Ale

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Hauraki 5-0 Lager

Matt Heath Tribute Beer

A lightly hopped quaffable lager.

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Hauraki 5-0 Dry Apple Cider

Jeremy Wells Tribute Cider

A tart little number.

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