B.man Pilsner

Strong New Zealand Pilsner


B.man is a smooth all-malt strong New Zealand Pilsner with an enticing hop aroma of tropical fruits, styled to compliment authentic Indian cuisine. The perfect accompaniment to curry.

Tasting Notes:

One of this country’s finest aromatic Pilsners and a showcase for New Zealand’s uniquely herbaceous hop varieties, B.Man pours an attractive bright gold beneath a lingering fluffy white head. In both the aroma and palate biscuity sweet malt provides the luscious canvas on which the hops play and their citrusy and tropical (passion) fruit flavours lead into an emphatic, resiny, dry finish. Lip-smackingly good and the perfect match for a hot Thai curry!

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name? Confusion it turned out for Invercargill Brewery’s award-winning New Zealand pilsner.

After enduring years of mispronunciation, the beer formerly known as Biman was, not so much rebranded as clarified, to emerge as B.Man in 2009.

Brewer Steve Nally said it was a subtle change.

“At every venue it seemed the beer had a different name – it could be Buy-Man, Bimin or Bee-man – customers didn’t know what to ask for; bar staff didn’t know what customers were asking for – and no-one likes the embarrassment of getting a name wrong.”

The brew was built following a request from the brewery’s first customer, Bombay Palace, who wanted a beer designed to drink with spicy food. It was named after the restaurant manager’s father – Biman (a traditional Indian name which is repeated in Sanskrit on the label) – and it was that trans-lingual naming that led to the ongoing confusion.

“We didn’t want to change the name; what we wanted was to help people understand it better,” Mr Nally said.

“I used to joke Biman was for people who were completely confident in their sexuality. It was even the official beer of gay ski week at one time – however I think most of our customers favour the beer for its flavour rather than any gimmicky associations on its name.”

Using a blend of distinctive New Zealand hops, B.Man was among a growing list of classic kiwi beers that fell outside traditional pilsner classes. In 2008  the New Zealand Brewers Guild successfully petitioned the World Beer Cup in 2008 for a new style – Strong New Zealand Style Pilsner.

That same year, B.Man won gold and best in class at the Brew NZ Awards – cementing its reputation as a true forefather of the unique variety.

“It relates to the use of New Zealand hops which infuse a fruity, grassy or even gooseberry flavour – it’s a New Zealand characteristic.”

B.Man is available nationwide wherever good craft beers are sold.

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