THE CELLAR DOOR is Invercargill City’s only independent off-license. Because we are in a licensing trust zone we can sell direct to the public only because we are a production brewery.

Together with our own excellent beers and cider we stock a selection of some of New Zealand’s finest craft beers (plus a few internationals) – choose from bottled or try the Kiwi perennial fill-your-own from one of our 20 taps from at our Cellar Door.

How long will a rigger of beer last? The old chestnut is it depends on how thirsty you are. However, a clean vessel of beer or cider that’s been properly filled and capped will last in the fridge for up to a month. If it’s from our Brewery Fresh range we guarantee it will last up to two months.

How long will a bottle of wine last? There’s no preservative in the Wine-Tap wines, they come just as the wine makers intended them to be, and its recommended they be consumed within 24 hours (which, happily, is the time frame in which 90% of wine bought from off-licenses is consumed).

Can I take a rigger of beer on a plane? So long as the lid is on firmly, absolutely – we do it all the time.

What is Brewery Fresh?
Brewery Fresh 1.25l riggers are packaged in sturdy brown PET bottles to protect against the ubiquitous light strike. Before filling they are purged with C02 to guard against oxidation; and afterwards stamped with a two month best-before-date so you can be sure they really are brewery fresh.

Delicious preservative free beers and ciders are as close to the fermenter as you can get them without visiting a brewery. Available from our Cellar Door, from selected outlets in Otago and Southland or delivered to your door anywhere in New Zealand from our Online Cellar Door.

We’re also proud to showcase original works from some of Southland’s most creative talents –  currently displaying works from glass artist Phil Newbury and multi-media sculpture painter John Wishart.

Where: 72 Leet Street, Invercargill
Winter Hours: 12.00am to 7pm Monday to Saturday
Phone: +64 3 214 5070