Boysenbeery Fruit Beer

Fruit Beer


Boysenbeery fruit beer has a uniquely New Zealand perspective. We’ve teamed boysenberry with a Belgium style wheat beer to come up with a very berry beer that’s best served well chilled.

Tasting Notes:

Redolent of the Belgium-style kriek beer with a Kiwi twist. A light flavoured wheat beer brewed with a generous serving of berry to create a dark red brew with pink bead. It’s the 180 kilos of boysenberry we put into every 1200 litre batch that accounts for the full flavour and strong colour. It’s no surprise that it’s all berry up front, fat and smooth through the middle with a dry finish. The yeast provides hints of spice and orange for added complexity. Perfect served in a glass. Or two.



Back Story:

This is the beer that head brewer Steve Nally calls his Desert Island beer (while other’s simply call for another glass – each to their own).

This story began in 2001 with Cherry Spike – a tribute beer to Spike Milligan. Sadly the Central Otago cherries Nally used in his first fruit beer may have been delicious for eating but lacked the bite of their sour cherry cousins which flavour the European Krieks, the resultant subtly pink brew was inoffensive but far from outstanding.

Nally next turned to a New Zealand berry with bite … and never, one to be half hearted about such things,  decided that 15% juice by volume would be about right to give the beer the correct berry hit.

This time it was a winner.

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