Men’n skurrts strong scotch ale

Strong Scotch Ale


Men’n skurrts strong scotch ale is a wee heavy that combines full malt richness with a wee dram of peat smoke. Best served chilled (6 to 9 º C).

Tasting Notes:

A nod to Invercargill’s Scots forefathers, this winter- warmer is a Tardis inspired drop that will transport the drinker through time and space, to a remote Highland croft, warmed by a peat fire. Martin Craig says it a little bit differently down at Beertown,

Back Story:

The year was 2011. The Event was the Rugby World Cup. And the place was Invercargill, chosen as host town for both Scottish and Argentinian Teams – and it was only fitting that we make a special beer for such a special occasion.

And while it did cause a wee storm in a teacup at the time it also drew such strong support that it’s come back every winter since as a seasonal.

If it’s winter,  buy a bottle online.