Hauraki 5-0 Dry Apple Cider


Hauraki 5-0 Dry Apple Cider is a tale of less is more.

If you add one an apple a day, to another apple a day, to another, soon you run out of room in the fridge. By crushing the apples the fruity goodness is extracted, which can be preserved by adding Champagne yeast, to invoke nature’s preservative before it’s returned to the fridge in ready-to-drink format in a handy storage container.

Hauraki 5-0 Dry Apple Cider is authentically natural, designed to suit the more mature palate of the white wine drinker, or those watching their weight.*

It’s low carbohydrate, 99.7% sugar free, gluten free, contains no preservatives or animal products, hasn’t been pasteurised and has a very tiny carbon footprint so it’s virtually guilt free**.

Over 18? If YES buy it online here or follow the link to The Decider pack.

* I watch mine all the time but have yet to see it go anywhere.
** Unless you feel bad about alcohol consumption.