Old Particular

Collaboration Brew

Old Particular is the second offering of the Southern Malt Collective, a  collaborative brew where hops step-back to play a vital supporting role to Malt.

The 2015 collective of Gabi Michael Gladfield Malt, Mike Cheer (Maltkult Brewing, Harringtons); Dave Gaughan (Golden Eagle);  Graham Eyres & Urte Bierlin (Otago University Dept of Food Science); Grant Radka (Victoria Store Brewery), Zane Smith (Yeastie Boys), Damon Milne & Steve Nally (Invercargill Brewery) converged at Invercargill Brewery in July, consolidating on several months of emails for mash-in.

Pouring a rich red mahogany, the visuals match the delicious creamy mouthfeel, with a hint of Belgium fruit.

This year the Otago University Food Science Department, who delved into their impressive yeast collective to contribute a little something special to the fermentation, and because if it’s not new we’re not learning, we’ve racked off a few barrels, added some  Brettanomyces from Otago University Yeast Bank and for uncorking  Particularly Aged at next year’s brew day.

This strictly limited edition will be available from all the Collaboration Brewers.