Perry (Pear cider)


Perry  pear cider – is made from a 100% Central Otago pear juice, and since the only added extra was champagne yeast, removed post fermentation, it’s still 100% pure.

Perry can be made with up 25% apple juice but  this tasted so good as it was the brewer’s decided to stick with uncut pear juice.

Homer, (the famous Greek philosopher rather than the hapless father on the Simpsons) famously described pears as the fruit of the gods, and if that’s true then the god’s clearly had dieters in mind.

Pears are a great source of sorbital – a naturally occuring, non-fermentable sugar. Even better, Sorbital can’t be processed by our bodies either.

The result is a dieter’s delight – a  tipple with residual fruit sweetness that won’t linger on the hips.

This delicious treat is available on tap at the Cellar Door while it lasts.