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Hop N Vine Festival Special

Product Description

There has been a lot of noise about our first APA (most of it from some guy called Kev Downie) hence its deliver in time for Invercargill’s first Hop ‘n Vine Festival. We pride ourselves on delivering locally grown flavours so the American ale malt was New Zealand grown, and the bad boy American hops commercially flown, we added a smidge of Wai-iti (because that’s what an American brewer would do if they could get their hands on it) to make a great, almost authentic APA that’s still truly Kiwi As. 5% ABV & 37 efficiently utilised IBUS

Brewery Fresh 1.25l riggers are packaged in sturdy brown PET bottles to protect against the ubiquitous light strike. Before filling they are purged with C02 to guard against oxidation; and afterwards stamped with a two month best-before-date so you can be sure they really are brewery fresh. Delicious preservative free beers and ciders as close to the fermenter as you can get them without visiting a brewery.