Salute to Radio Hauraki

Happy 50th Birthday Radio Hauraki!

When you have a really good idea, then realise you’re not in Kansas now, and decide to do it anyway –  it’s that kind of synergy that links Radio Hauraki and Invercargill Brewery.

The station that started in life in 1966 as a renegade radio on a boat in the Hauraki Gulf – and the little brewery at the far end of the country that entered a duopoly producer industry in a monopoly supplier district.  Because we all know, if there’s one thing big industry likes, it’s supporting choice and small players.

When approached about brewing a birthday beer for Hauraki, the first thing we said was, “send us tapes of the Hosking Rant”; the second was “hell yeah” (Followed swiftly by, “Do you think Jeremy Wells could do a Hosking Rant live from the brewery?”).

Hauraki we salute you and all the determination that comes from never knowing when you’re beaten – 50 years on and still thumbing your nose at the establishment,  now from within the NZME stable.

Well played Hauraki, well played.

(If we’re ever owned by a giant multinational we hope to have the figurative balls to continue making beer with real ingredients and actual flavour.)

So, for your drinking pleasure we were proud to present Beer.

Wholesome, nourishing batch brewed beer with full malt goodness Hauraki 5-0 Lager just like your grandparents used to make when most of New Zealand was dry.

For our gluten-free friends we made Hauraki-5-0 Dry Apple Cider with no added sugar – because we all know nature’s naturally occurring preservative is the best preservative.

No animals were harmed,  no vegans offended (that we know of) in producing these good sessionable*  drinks for non-pregnant people aged 18 or over to consume while listening to music of substance and/or rhetoric of interest.

Sadly all gone now but if you are very, very lucky you may just find a bottle or keg still out there where-ever good beers are sold. Hauraki it’s been a hell of a party!

*Sessionable – able to consume two or more before the room starts spinning