Pouring at GABS now – Cumulonimbus

Cumulonimbus Sour  is  3.1% sour beer that we devised for the Great Australian Beer Festival. This is extremely limited edition light beer was inspired by the Simpsonesque clouds of the Southern skies, made from raw wheat, malted wheat and malted barley it pours with a deliciously fluffy head.

The upfront aroma is Fejoa, which perfectly matches the tart flavour of this quaffable beverage.

A brilliantly drinkable example of a sour style and the first time in recent years that Steve has been allowed off the reservation to innovate for Invercargill Brewery.

Available on tap at the Great Australian Beer Spectapular Melbourne (and Sydney);  Invercargill Brewery Cellar Door  and (if you’re very, very quick) at your place.


Commonwealth Beer Cup Bronzes

Smokin’ Bishop and Sa!son won bronze medals at the Commonwealth Craft Beer Cup in Kentucky this weekend.

The win testament to the skills of our production team and the tenacity of our admin team who refused to give up in the face of red tape .. (and to the guys on point at LAX who love beer as much as the next man).