Craft Beer fans in Wellington?

Pop down to to Wellington College this afternoon for the inaugual NZ Craft Beer League Game.  Invercargill Brewery Football Team are taking the field  to play Garage Project, with kick off at 2.3opm.

Organiser and team captain Kevin Downie has promised a great game.

“I don’t promise that we’ll win, but we will be sober when the whistle blows.”

The Invercargill Brewery Football team, had independantly planned to travel to  Wellington to watch yesterday’s Phoenix clash and decided to add a bit of local flavour to the trip.

Spectators are welcome to the match, and the aftermatch function at Bebemos.


Otago Craft Beer & Food Festival 2015

Invercargill Brewery is posing a rhetorical question, “What can’t you do with Pitch Black Stout?” Which it will be answering today with a movable feast of Pitch Black varietals on handpump at the Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival at Forsyth Barr Stadium that will go something like this.

  • Pitch  Black – Stout – ABV 4.5% – IBU16 – The usual suspect. An internationally award winning stout which is rich and creamy, with notes of coffee and chocolate. Lightly hopped to hit a mid-point between sweet and dry, it’s our most loved beer.
  • Pitch Black Pucker – Sour Stout – 4.5% – IBU 16 -Same delicious stout, with a bit of funk for a funky day … and possibly Steve Collin’s favourite beer style. Or maybe not.
  • Pitch Black Moonshine – Stout – 5% – IBU 16 – So, we’d just emptied a barrel of 53%ABV all malt spirit when the inspiration hit. What would happen if we refilled it with Pitch Black and left it for a couple of months to mellow out? And now we know, we’ll definitely be doing that again.
  • Pitch Black Coffee  – Stout –  4.5% – IBU 16 -To celebrate International Coffee Day in September we let our barrista trained brewer Damon Milne loose on the brew floor with a bag of Allpress Coffee beans. This is the result.


Of course it’s not all black beers.

·         Hop Goblet III – Pale Ale – ABV 5.6% – IBU 42.5  The ANZAC edition of a moving feast that has same Gladfield Malt profile with a hop component that hops around like, ah, hops. No 3 features Australian Summer & Helga Hops.

  • – NZ Pilsner -ABV 5% –  IBU42 – from our house range, showcasing the distinctive stylings of  Riwaka (Motueka) Hop. A uniquely NZ lager.
  • IRA (Invercargill Red Ale) 5.5% – IBU 55+  – It started out with a blend of four Kiwi hops to deliver a mouthpuckering  55 IBU.  Then we dry-hopped it. This one is definitely for Hop Heads. Caution advised.

·        Old Particular – Old English Ale – 5% ABV – IBU 24–The Otago University Food Science Department played a key role in this collaboration brew. Science just got a whole lot more interesting.

  • Nally’s Cider – 5% ABV – 100% Central Otago apple juice, fermented with champagne yeast to deliver, a crisp, refreshing sugar-free fruit wine – the perfect palate cleanser between beers.