On Tap in Invercargill

Zookeepers Cafe in Tay Street has  Nally’s Cider,  Pitch Black and Wasp on tap – with a fourth tap that alternates between hoppier numbers – right now it’s B.man perfect to team with their new Mexican themed menu.

Right now at Buster Crabb Restaurant in Dee Street they’re pouring pints of  Stanley Green Pale Ale and Pitch Black Stout on beer engine.

And the Invercargill Club (members and invited guests only) in Don Street has Stanley Green Pale Ale on beer engine.

2 thoughts on “On Tap in Invercargill

  1. Have just read Sept.newsletter from Shetland Islands.Tells me Lerwick Brewery started June 2013 and has now launched their own recipe with Scottish Oats. A dark beer “Tushkar”.Reminded me of when we were in Invercargill and I found your “Pitch Black”
    Later at Blenheim Moa’s “Noir” Lerwick tell me they can brew 6000 bottles and bottle 500 /hour. You might like to encourage them Alan

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